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Our Mission : Quality Product  Professional Service to meet the needs and satisfaction of customers.

All Lifting


Our Products are seperate in 5 catagories. First ,Aerial Work Platform Next,Material Handling Equipment ,Then, Power Source,Fourth, Customize and Last, Service after sale


Aerial work platform ( อุปกรณ์ยกคนขึ้นที่สูง )

Simple, reliable, robust. Behind every Snorkel machine is the innovative vision of its founder, Art Moore. Building aerial lifts that deliver time and time again is at the core of every Snorkel design. Produced with high quality materials and ergonomic designs, Snorkel lifts work hard to make tough tasks simple. Browse our wide range of work at height solutions or use our Snorkel Selector to quickly identify the ideal lifts for your application.

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Scissor Lift


Boom Lift


Platform On truck

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Material Handling Equipment

Clark Forklifts are a world leader in the manufacture and supply of forklift trucks. After inventing the worlds first forklift in 1917,   Clark has manufactured over 1 million units. Clark has been at the forefront of every major technological advancement in the world's forklift industry.

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Power Source

The Battery Systems Company provides products, systems and services that meet the needs of customers and society in industrial, consumer and social infrastructure markets. To better meet evolving needs, we are currently expanding our battery devices business to include power-supply solutions, with the goal of creating 




We are proud to offer a range of comprehensive operator training courses designed to equip your staff with the skills they need to use the equipment safely. We can deliver training either at your site or at our training center.


  Fivebond Company Limited is the first member in Thailand, of International Power Access Federation (IPAF) training institutions which are accepted universally in the Aerial Work Platform training. And we set up Asia5 Training Institute to support our customers because correct handling reduces the risk of damage to goods and property, as well as ensuring that equipment lasts longer and causes minimal injury in use.

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